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Jonker Street or Jalan Hang Jebat in Malay, houses some of the Melaka oldest dwellings or houses dating back to the 17th century, is also informally known as the antique street. 

 Location of Jalan Hang Jebat

 Main entrance

Jonker street

The antique shops here are featuring artifacts from different periods of colonial rule Portuguese, Dutch, and British. If you have sufficient time to stroll through the street with eagle eyes, you can easily hunt and bargain for the unique and valuable antique furniture, Chinese porcelain, brassware, cast iron beds, lamps, postcard, handcraft, old stamps, coins and money notes.

another view

old painting of Malaya (Tanah Melayu) and Singapore

Also have Mosque in Chinese Street - Masjid Kampong Kling (a mosque with chinese architecture)

Like most Southeast Asian mosques, Masjid Kampong Kling is built on a square plan rather than the rectangular or hexagonal plan as in the case of most Middle Eastern mosques. An arcaded verandah wraps around the prayer hall, and held up by corinthian columns.  This is particularly evident in the minaret which resembles a pagoda.

Can also find banknotes and coins

Banknotes and coins


Taman Warisan Dunia Jonker Walk

 Spice Route collection

Hang Tuah Handcrafts and Souvenirs shops - Selling old postcard, old stamps, old coins and old banknotes

Syarikat Abdul - an antique shop

More antique shop

Antique shop again

Lagenda Antik shop

Old coins

Muslim Mausoleum (Maqam Hang Kasturi) beside Chinese Temple (1MALAYSIA)

This is the traditional grave of Hang Kasturi, a high-ranking Malay warrior during the rule of Sultan Mansor Shah (r. 1456-77). He is one of five sworn-brothers whose life is intertwined with Hang Jebat's. According to Malay annals, Hang Kasturi was supposed to kill his sworn-brother Hang Tuah who had been wrongfully accused of violating some of the Sultan's maids. Hang Tuah, however, killed Hang Kasturi after he found out about this plan. He also killed Hang Jemat who was the real traitor. 

Chinese style shophouses

Magnet from Melaka

Lastly, a shop that sell postcard

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