Friday, December 9, 2011


 MALAYSIA, Definitive - Butterflies, 75 cent, postmark 18 Sept 1979 (TEMOH)

Temoh is a small town in the Batang Padang district of Perak, Malaysia. 
The town is located midway between Kampar and Tapah.

This town is named after the Temu River which is later became a junction between the two rivers. 
When the British came to the place for place naming, they accidentally called it as "Temoh".

Registered mail with TEMOH postmark

(A) Temoh Location

Other postmark in Perak. More to come...
PERAK [Bidor] [Ipoh] [Kuala Kangsar] [Lahat] [Lumut] 
[Mengelembu] [Parit Buntar] [Sungei Siput] [Taiping] [Taman Ipoh] 
[Tanjong Piandang] [Tanjong Tualang] [Temoh] [Tronoh]

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