Thursday, June 30, 2011


NEW ZEALAND, Scarlet parrot fish, 5c, 1970

Scarlet parrot fish and scarlet wrasse, Pseudolabrus miles can be found all round New Zealand but is particularly prevalent in the deep south around Stewart Island. They are also found in large numbers around the Chatham Islands.

 AUSTRALIA, Brolga, 45c, 1997

The Brolga or Australian crane (Grus rubicunda), formerly known as the "Native Companion", is a bird in the crane family.

 USA, Red-headed woodpecker, 2c, 1996

The Red-headed Woodpecker, Melanerpes erythrocephalus, is a small or medium-sized woodpecker from temperate North America. Their breeding habitat is open country across southern Canada and the eastern-central United States.

MALAYSIA, Danaus melanippus hegesippus, 2c, 1970

Black Veined Tiger, Danaus melanippus is founded from Bengal to Myanmar, Andaman Is., Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Langkawi Is, Tioman Is., Singapore, and Bangka Belitung in Sumatera

BELGIUM, wielewaal loriot,7F, 1992

 The Golden Oriole, wielewaal or European (or Eurasian_ Golden Oriole is the only member of the oriole family of passerine birds breeding in northern hemisphere temperature regions.

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