Thursday, January 27, 2011


Bornean Orang Utan, Pongo pygmaeus is a species of orang utan native to the island of Borneo. The Bornean orangutan is recognised as a different species from its Sumatra relative. Bornean orangutans live high in the tropical canopy of Borneo's forests, where they survive predominantly on fruit and sleep in nests constructed from branches.

postcard of Orang Utan

Location of Bornean Orang Utan 

The distribution of Orangutan on Borneo is rapidly decreasing, as humans reduce the available habitat for the apes. The loss of forest, through logging, clearing and burning, means reduced opportunities for hiding and food collection. In addition, orangutans are hunted for food and to be held in captivity.

Young Bornean Orangutan, Pongo pygmaeus morio, hanging from a branch at the Orang Utan Sanctuary Sepilok, Sabah, Borneo


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